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Monthly Archives / March 2014

Don’t “Screw” My Hair Up

I told my daughter that I needed to “spruce her hair up”, to which she angrily replied “No Mom!  Don’t SCREW my hair up!”


Teaching a Toddler How To Floss

Teaching a toddler how to floss. Sounds fun, right?!  We have inserted this uncomfortable process into our nightly routine with our almost 3 year old, Emersyn.  At first there was fierce resistance, as we were using regular floss and it was arduous and uncomfortable for both our daughter and for us.  Who really likes having […]


Peel a Potato Without A Peeler

A week ago the flu bug closed daycare, so like I usually do in that situation, I worked remote and stayed home to look after the kidos.  At one point I found myself blessed with one of those rare moments when both kids were napping while at the same time there was a lull in […]