Haulin' Groceries

a working mom's jumble of random interests, musings and tales of personal blunder.


n583231689_2435566_1479Hiya – thanks for stopping by!  My name’s Megan.  I’m a thirty-something-year-old Canadian with duel Canadian-American citizenship.  I followed my husband to put down roots in Central California about 10 years ago after we met while living in England and backpacking throughout Europe.  Together we wrangle our two rambunctious and wildly entertaining children – ages  8 months (son Blaine), and 2 years 8 months (daughter Emersyn).

To be honest, I fear I might not be able to find much time to keep this blog relevant.  As it is, I’m a full-time working mommy and juggler of what I admit are likely more responsibilities than I can effectively manage.  Anyway, here’s to adding one more thing to the pile…  Yay!

I do admire (and follow online) some of the wonder woman mommy bloggers out there.  Someday I hope my inner Type A kicks in so I’ll be able to write a blog about my life as this awesome and successful, working professional mother who finds time to also be an accomplished crafter, seamstress, DIYer and cook.  But for now — keepin’ it real — the person you’ll get to know at this blog is a somewhat frazzled and slightly disorganized mother, and unabashed and fiercely protective pack rat of crafting materials, sewing patterns,  and cooking ingredients whose husband is convinced she’ll never actually use.  My aim is to leverage this blog as motivation to (attempt to) pick away at a few of those things, with maybe a sprinkling of random, spontaneous adventures here and there.  You’ll notice the design layout is a little bit like Pinterest.  It’s the best format I’m aware of to compile and share my jumble of random interests, musings and tales of personal blunder.  Enjoy the read.


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