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Peel a Potato Without A Peeler


A week ago the flu bug closed daycare, so like I usually do in that situation, I worked remote and stayed home to look after the kidos.  At one point I found myself blessed with one of those rare moments when both kids were napping while at the same time there was a lull in my work flow.  I decided to take a break and see what was on TV.  Nothing was really grabbing my interest, so I decided to check out what was available on the Roku 3 Streaming Media Player my husband recently set up on our TV.  One of the free channels I came across was a food/cooking channel called “CHOW”, which is a product of the website Chow.com.  I loaded the channel, and to my delight I was served up a number of quick (30-second to 5-minute) how-to videos they call “CHOW Tips”.  I spent quite a bit of time flipping through the CHOW Tips that looked interesting (there were many).

Now, as is typical of many Canadians, I grew up in one of those meat and potato kind of households.  The combo of turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy wasn’t reserved just for the holidays – it was a way of life.  My dad would keep at least two birds in the deep freezer at all times, and could peel a potato faster than a Navy cook.  So while flipping through the CHOW Tips, one tip in particular stood out to me as a game changer – “How to Peel A Potato with Your Bare Hands” with Deborah Lewis.  Its cool factor was good enough that I had to know if it was too good to be true.  I had a bag of potatoes on hand (my dad would be so proud) and thought “why not give it a try?” (but quickly, before the kidos wake up).

Here’s the video I’m referring to:

And so I tried it out on my own.

I was really surprised by how well this trick worked.  After boiling for about 20 minutes and then dunking them in the ice bath, the potato skins practically melted off with very little waste.  I only experimented with two potatoes, but from this one experience I did notice that the second potato seemed to peel easier than the first – perhaps (contrary to the 5-10 seconds suggested by the CHOW.com video) due to the fact that it sat in the cold water for longer.

I’m pretty excited about this new technique I stumbled upon, so I’m sure with practice I’ll have it down to a science and will be able to come back here and post tips and tricks I learn along the way.

Good luck trying it out on your own!

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