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Teaching a Toddler How To Floss


Teaching a toddler how to floss. Sounds fun, right?!  We have inserted this uncomfortable process into our nightly routine with our almost 3 year old, Emersyn.  At first there was fierce resistance, as we were using regular floss and it was arduous and uncomfortable for both our daughter and for us.  Who really likes having someone else’s hand half way in their mouth?  Most nights we would only get about 30 seconds and a couple of front teeth in before there were tears and toddler heals digging in.

On one of my weekly shopping trips I came across Plackers Twin-Line Advance Cleaning disposable floss sticks, which grabbed my attention as a cool idea, and for the fact that they were on sale.  Really happy with this great find.  Now Emersyn sees flossing as a playtime activity.  Before bed time we all gather in the bathroom (including Dad) for a “group floss” and count out loud the number of teeth we floss between.  It’s a competition to see who can floss between the most teeth.  Eric gets a bit goofy to make it fun, making silly faces, shaking his head, hands flailing and the floss stick stuck and flailing around between his teeth.  

Our daughter needs monitoring to be sure that she gets in between all of her teeth, but she is now loving the new routine – especially for its silliness, and the independence she feels she gets to express.

So, what do you think ?

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